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Here’s why every woman should install a safety app

Essential Safety Apps Every Woman Should Consider Having on Her Phone

A padlock. A source of light. A safe place to stay. All three can help to prevent violence against girls and women in times of crisis and provide a sense of security in periods of higher security vulnerabilities and anxiety. Women’s safety in today’s world is a major concern, particularly in India, where it can take the form of robbery, sexual assault, rape, or other forms of domestic violence. Here’s how technology has made women’s safety more secure and visibly accessible.

Safety apps provide something for everyone:

Today a personal safety app allows you to link to “protectors” who will be aware of your whereabouts and will be informed if you are in danger. An SOS button, fake calling to help you out of a jam, location sharing, voice activation, and more features are available. Upgraded features are available for a charge, although the software itself is free.

Location Tracker:

You have access to GPS services that may practically track your location, simply by uttering your assigned safety words. You can programme your emergency contacts into the app, and when you turn it on—for example, while you’re out alone—it will be on the lookout for your location and GPS. Your contacts will be alerted if there is an emergency.

Fast-paced technology:

There is a red button on the screen that you may press if you believe you are in danger. This process has altogether been made easy. Today family safety apps come with fast-paced and easy panic alerts and features. Voice-activated technology is a unique process that is being used in these apps. Assign your safety words to the app and when in emergencies, speaking out one of the safety words will alert the emergency officials and contacts registered in the app to your location. When you activate the app, it will send an email and SMS message to your emergency contacts, informing them that you may be in danger.

Assisting women travelling out in the dark hours:

You got late home from the office or your flight landed somewhere amidst the dark hours. Sometimes things aren’t in our control and safety becomes the utmost concern during hard times. Hence downloading and tracking safety tools can keep calm in danger. Today a women safety app will notify and update your loved ones if you are in a hazardous situation. With the press of a button, it will email all the information connected to your position. The software will send an SMS with your position and a link to Google Maps to a preset number. The software will also take two photographs using the front and back cameras, which will be saved on your device.

Women safety is surely a big question. But to tackle and take steps to fight fears, technology has shaped its way through and brought safety apps into the picture. There are endless options for a security app today and they are constantly working to bring safety to a person in danger.

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