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Right Details for the Right Sites for the Wealth Options

Answer public questions, engage. Make a point of really helping. Don’t think about profit, think about the person. If you look for money you will not earn anything, but if you look for people, you will have everything. Those who work thinking about profit are unable to attend, to listen to the client. Focus on the customer. At the beginning, focus on selling one by one and offer personalized assistance to increase your conversion rate.

  • We started on the internet with a blog that had 20 to 50 daily visits, that was enough for me to earn R $ 5,000.00 to 7,000.00 monthly. How was my profit so high with few visits? It is because we worked with a micro niche and because we had a good relationship with the client (I didn’t even know it at the time).

The Right Communications

My communication was by e-mail and telephone. He insisted on answering all customer questions. The conversation reached 20 me by phone with some. They wanted to buy just one product, but ended up buying 2 or 3. This is the power of the relationship. 

Personalized service

Focus on that. Specialize in 1 to 2 products and always indicate the best for the customer according to his needs. He may end up buying both. But when you start selling, have cash, focus on strategies that make the internet work for you automatically. Now that you know how to increase your conversion rate, let’s move on to the next step. How do we generate more traffic for my marketing channels?

Paid Traffic

Want to speed up sales buy traffic. The main platforms for this are Face A d s and Google Ads. When buying traffic through Facebook, you configure the ads to appear on Instagram as well. Through Google, you buy sponsored links and can boost videos on YouTube to receive thousands of visits. Paid traffic allows you to scale your business very quickly. But never buy traffic on these tools without first learning how to use, otherwise you will lose money. Face and Instagram are the most used tools. Research where your product’s target audience is, perhaps Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads and Native Ads are the best options. You can Visit the site and read their reviews here now.

Don’t have money to invest? Connect with this:

Organic Traffic

To have organic traffic or free traffic, you must become an SEO expert for blog and SEO for YouTube. They are optimization techniques for search engines. The idea is to make your content (articles and videos) more accessible to the public. If you manage to rank your articles and videos in the top positions of Google and YouTuber, you will receive thousands of visits. If you create a viral video then you will receive millions of access.

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