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Three Great Ideas to Boost Your Following on Instagram

It is not easy to manage a brand on Instagram. No matter how big your Instagram channel is, you will constantly be in a rat race to gain more followers. You need to give time to your Instagram channel, particularly when you have just started your channel. To be relevant on Instagram, you need to keep thinking about new ideas. This will help maintain your brand visibility. Your ideas need to keep your followers engaged on your channel.

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Here are some ideas to help keep your followers engaged on your Instagram channel.

Try a Puzzle

It is a known fact that Instagram’s popularity is based on videos and images. If you keep on doing the same, it will be difficult to break the clutter. Why not think out of the box and offer something different to your followers?

There are a few things you can do to differentiate yourself from other channels. You may create a cartoon discussing a social issue that may make your followers think. You could even try posting a puzzle or some other brain teaser. Create it by using multiple images and revealing the solution in a follow-up post.

You can then post the winner’s name. People love getting mentioned on Instagram so this will work well for your page. Create designs that have resonance with your brand. Maintain consistency in posting such puzzles. If you post them every few weeks, then use similar imagery that will let people instantly recognize your account or brand.

Give Your Audience a Challenge

People like challenges. You could post challenges for your followers to complete on a weekly or monthly basis. Or try to challenge your audience to do a unique activity every day of the week. This could be going for a jog in a different place daily. You could also challenge them to plant vegetable or fruit seeds or ask them to post videos of their dinner.

You will need to be creative here to ensure your followers don’t find this activity mundane. Do things that your fans would want to engage themselves with. Entice your fans to post their images and tag your channel on their feeds.

Get Others to Caption an Image

Find images that you can post on your channel. These images may or may not be related to your brand. They could be funny images or they could be images based on a trending topic. It could be anything. Invite your followers to create captions for these images, then offer a prize, such as a discount voucher to the winning caption. Be sure to respond to the captions or the challenge entries. People seek gratification on Instagram, so this will help you to stay connected with your followers.

Summing Up

Instagram is a goldmine for digital marketers. There are close to 500 million account holders on Instagram. This is a huge number and it will only grow bigger in the future. However, there is stiff competition on the platform as anyone can launch their page on here and give you a tough time. You will need to differentiate your Instagram page or account from others to make your mark on the platform. Hopefully, the ideas mentioned here will help you in boosting the fan base of your Instagram page.

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