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Turn A First-Time User To A Committed One With The Help Of Professionally Developed User Onboarding

“User onboarding” is a term get used a lot among app and software designers and developers. It’s a comprehensive aspect of an app and user experience having different meaning for different individuals even when they work as a team. Some think it’s a way of teaching new users and reminding the existing users in case they forget some aspects of an app, some thinks its just a guide to a visitor new or old, and some think it’s an authentic way of product tour. Considering all these different definitions, an ideal user onboarding software, could be assumed as all these aspects taken together. It’s the first impression of an app and you know the importance of the first impression in his highly competitive market.

User onboarding is meant to add value to your app

User onboarding is designed to provide users all necessary guidance for a smooth sailing navigation through your app. What a user may find after an intensive exploration of the app could be possible in a minute if they follow the user onboarding. There are two key characteristics that make the application of the user onboarding software, a rather new concept, very fruitful:

  • The software extends throughout a user’s lifecycle – It starts guiding a user before they actually access the app and never leaves the user as long as they are navigating and gathering information. As such, it helps to turn a mere visitor to a brand loyal customer.
  • It goes on satisfying the user in the way they want – With the advancement of artificial intelligence, onboarding systems are competently using artificial intelligence to understand a visitor’s behavior. It helps in guiding the user in more effective way. User satisfaction is the ultimate target of adopting this software system.

The underlying principle, therefore for a prodigious onboarding is to motivate the users take actions via right content, personalized experience, right channels, and right timing. User onboarding software augments user engagement providing right options as per a user’s requirements. Your products or services become more vivid to the user that makes transition from a new user to committed user easy.

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