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Activities Related To Payroll Processing That Need Constant Monitoring

Payroll is the biggest load that any organization carries after the fixed expenses like infrastructure cost, etc. Processing it in error-free manner is extremely important. Employees work hard to increase their take home and the employers also need to ensure that due credits are gone to the deserving candidates. It is also important to identify the defaulters and take necessary actions to ensure that decent work culture is maintained in the organization. Some of the important activities that a payroll manager needs to monitor on a regular basis are:

  1. Record of leave and reporting time: Every organization irrespective of the sector it belongs to have a system of recording the attendance of the employees. Some use biometric entry system, others use register. Payroll software goes one step ahead and stores the inputs recorded in the attendance systems. The payroll manager can find from the monthly reports about the regular employees, leave takers, late attendees and so on. Salary processing becomes easier and faster with readymade reports generated due to constant evaluation.
  2. Recognition and bonuses: Motivation is the biggest factor that inspires workers to do better than before. Recognition when due and in correct amount can become an effective motivating factor. Payroll managers in consultation with the supervisors can set the bonus amount on achievement of goals. All these records become easy to maintain with performance management software where the information is updated on a regular basis. 
  3. Training needs: One natural outcome of performance evaluation is determining of training needs of the employees. People not able to perform as per expectations or new to the system can be identified with the bonus earned or contests won. Frequent unpaid leaves also need evaluation of reason to find out if the problem can be solved by training programs.

To have a perfect team is one of the prime objectives of HR department. They can take clue from points mentioned above and create a culture supportive of everybody’s growth.

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