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Identifying the importance of Work-from-Home policy for your company

COVID-19 and Deciding Who Continues Working from Home

Work from home is one of the most heard words right from 2020. Although it existed a while ago when it was just an option not very preferred by many, now it has attracted a huge amount of importance in every worker’s life. So, apprehensions about the pandemic have started to consume our minds and it is high time for every company to think about framing a policy that will suit their needs. The work-from-home setup might not fascinate many who loved and enjoyed working in their office cabins and mid-time breaks, but time has changed everything. So, companies have to take a step forward to define how their Work-from-home policy will look like. It is a document that explains how the company manages the remote way of working. Although it sounds simple, it is gaining importance in the current situation because that document will clearly state the employees who will be working remotely and the expectations from their employees.

Elements of a good remote policy

A good remote policy must be able to explain the following questions,

  1. The allowed departments to work remotely
  2. Criteria for selecting people for working remotely
  3. Types of equipment that will be provided to suit the remote working style
  4. Existence of a conflict resolution mechanism
  5. Schedule designed for remote work
  6. Avoids the risk associated with the team members

Addressing the importance of work-from-home policy

  1. It will give the employees confidence in the company
  2. Ensures security of the organization
  3. Optimized results from the company
  4. Strengthens communication with the team
  5. Address apprehensions about the remote working mode
  6. Helps to identify the eligible candidates for remote work

The ultimate productivity hack

Employee monitoring software provides an added help to the manager to monitor the newly appointed employees. Productivity levels vary from person to person. It is possible to get deviated from the task and it unknowingly affects the growth of the company. So, a sense of monitoring can be developed over the employees who help them remind them of the daily tasks they have to achieve. Work Examiner has been able to maintain the satisfaction of the employers due to its accuracy in maintaining individual reports of the employees which can be easily accessed by the employer and this helps the employee to keep on track of the goals. The employer gets immediately notified when the employee deviates from the norms and regulations, so it creates a sense of responsibility for the employees to function effectively and at the same time productively towards the tasks assigned to them. Thus it is one of the biggest rewards for the managers amidst the lockdown where remote work will soon rule the world!

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