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How Instagram can bring benefits to your business

In 2010 the mobile application for sharing photos and videos Instagram was released. 

Two years after the release the owners of  the most famous social platforms Facebook back then bought the application for 1 billion dollars. Many people were surprised with that decision ,but now everyone realised that it was the most reasonable decision, because the last few years Instagram went beyond Facebook popularity and became the most famous and most used social platform in the world. More than that Instagram is also a great marketing strategy for the business sector. Even some people use suppliers that provide affordable Instagram likes in order to increase their engagement percent and to pop up their publication into the Explore tab. When someone’s publication appears in the Explore Tab , their account becomes much more reachable, which is resulting in gaining more followers and improving their Instagram page.

Survey from 2018 shows that during 2017 Facebook has lost around 3 million active users under the age of 30. On the other hand Instagram has improved their activity statistics many times. In this article we are going to see why Instagram is the best social platform for business owners.

 Instagram has nowadays become the most important source of being social. For the same reason, Fameoninsta.com has brought a great opportunity for the people. Now, people can buy real Instagram likes from us at the most convenient prices and make themselves and their profiles popular throughout Instagram. Choosing us to buy Instagram auto likes will be very beneficial for the people in the first place and instead of buying fake likes and followers, people should try and buy real likes on Instagram from us. After this, they can sit back, relax, and watch their profile getting more and more viral with each passing day.

  • Business owners have the ability to earn money directly from Instagram. Recently Instagram has developed a marketing tool that gives the opportunity to the business sector to publish pictures of their products with a price tag. The price tag is a clickable connection and if the potential customer clicks on it , he would be able to purchase it directly. Brands and companies can also leave a description of the product under the publication and recent research shows that around 70 percent of people that are buying products from Instagram , are using shoppable posts.
  • More and more people are using Instagram. Statistics show that every day thousands of people are joining Instagram. That means the audience that the business can attract is increasing every single day which is a great opportunity no matter if your business is small or large. By being active ,satisfying your customers and using the right marketing tools that Instagram provides can bring great benefits no matter if your business is a small store or big corporation like Nike, Adidas and so on.
  • Instagram gives you the chance to personify your business. By posting pictures, videos , live videos and stories you can show your audience that your business is more than just a random store for example. You are able to represent all of your products in an interesting and impressive way which will increase your engagement percent which is the most important thing for marketing strategy on Instagram.
  • Business owners have the ability to collaborate with famous influencers. You can connect with people who have a huge and loyal audience and ask them to promote your products. By working with influencers you are able to reach many more potential customers ,as your products are promoted by people who have great influence on their followers. If you are ready to invest money on Instagram ,the best option is to hire influencers,however you may not pay them in cash,you can offer them the product they should promote for free.

Definitely the possibilities that Instagram provides to promote your business and increase your sales are more than great. Working on the social platform and learning how to use the marketing tools will bring great benefits to you. Instagram is a social platform for sharing photos,videos and it is also an awesome way of communication. However in this article we learnt that it is not only that, the platform is a powerful marketing tool.

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