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Monopoly APK

Hi my friends!! For the game lovers I have come up with some points regarding an interesting board game. That is the game Monopoly. This is a very interesting game that you can play in your free time together with the family members and the friends even. You can play this exciting game in any of your android devices including the phone and the tablet. This game can be played by any person regardless of the age. Starting from the kids to the adults can have a lot of fun and excitement by playing this superb board game Monopoly APK. This is considered as one of the great board games you can find for your android device. So have this nice and cool game in your android too.

What is Monopoly APK?

In here you are offered with two six-sided dices and all you have to do is to roll the dice. By rolling the dice you will get opportunity to go around the board while selling the properties that you own. These properties include houses and hotels. Through the journey you can collect rents from your opponents and finally you can become a landlord by bankrupting your opponents. You can rent houses, build hotels, buy real estate and some risks are also there for you to meet throughout your journey of becoming a rich property-owner. Sometimes you may have to end up in jail also. Here I addition to the houses and banks there are chance cards, community chest cards and tax-squares also which will allow you to win or lose money.

Features of Monopoly APK

  • Very attractive 3d figures and animations are there which pleases you while playing the game.
  • Monopoly offers you a finest experience of a board game without having to pay money for winning. As well as there are no advertisements displayed while playing the game.
  • There some rules that you may need while playing the game Monopoly. But nothing to worry. The basic house rules that you know already can be applied here to have a lot of fun by winning.
  • If you wish to play the game single you can do so. There is an AI that will acts as the opponent for you to play.
  • But if you need to play the game with your family members then there is a room for that desire of yours. In the offline mode you can play Monopoly by passing the phone or the tablet between your family members or the friends on their respective turns. Here you can choose up to 4 players to play in the same device.
  • Or else you can turn on the online mode and play the game with the Monopoly fans all over the world.
  • Moreover, you can make private multiplayer games that enables you to play with your family members or the friends who are apart in the online player mode.
  • Quick mode enables you to complete the game within a short period of time. Within and hour or less than an hour.

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