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Right Details for the Right Financial Management

It is recommended that financial education start as soon as possible, as it was in the case of Tio Scrooge. In fact, this is a good summary of all the lessons that the famous duck leaves us. As soon as you have a salary and fixed costs, it is important to have a personal organization so that it is possible to save a monthly amount.

These saved resources will help you to plan for more important steps, such as starting a business, paying your children’s college fees and even retiring.  With a very volatile economy, as is the option, more and more personal financial planning is no longer an option to become a necessity. Because of this, aligning the household budget with your life goals can be the path to success. Otherwise, you will have a life of debt and worries. You can Read his honest review here and have the best deals now.

Do you prefer that or a life of wealth, like that of Uncle Scrooge?

Bonus tip: free personal finance courses

Now that you have discovered the importance of having financial control and personal planning, keep learning and evolving.

Discover free courses that can help you in this mission:

Personal finance

This course has a workload of 14 hours and works in the distance learning modality. You have 20 days to complete the entire course. At the end, you can earn a certificate.

Savings and investments, CVM

The educational CVM has a free economics course divided into three modules. Among the topics are: account organization, financial life planning, debts and consumption.

How to organize the family budget

It offers a course that can be a good start in the organization of personal accounts. The workload is 12 hours.

Finance courses

It is a virtual platform that allows the inclusion of courses on various subjects. In the “Investments and Finance” category, you get quick and free courses to learn how to save money and save.

Best apps to control personal financial management

In addition to the free courses, you can use app options to manage your budget. Check out our suggestions, which can be downloaded from your phone’s app store:


The Mobills is one of the most downloaded applications and well evaluated in the country. In addition to managing expenses by geolocation, you can synchronize data in the cloud and export reports. 


Those looking for a practical and simple design may like Spendee. The app allows you to add bank accounts and track expenses manually, in addition to classifying transactions. 

Because it is a wealth management, wealth management is strictly aimed at high-income audiences. For those who own significant assets, the wealth management manager starts to develop a strategy to increase the client’s assets in a sustainable manner based on their financial situation.

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