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One of the Best Insurance Broker Software – Salia

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Introduction – 

One of the best software for insurance brokers is Salia. This software can be worked with various cloud- service providers platform too. Every insurance broker would like to make his or her work process time and cost efficient. In addition, for that, they need suitable software. Salia  offers exactly that. In Salia you will find functions for complete contract and offer management, claims management, document storage and numerous analysis functions such as supply gaps at customers and the associated sales potentials via a clear interface. Automated reminders for tasks and customer appointments make your daily work easier, as does a sensible structure of the broker workflow in the software.  Using numerous interfaces, you can easily integrate Salia into your IT environmentWindows is the best platform to use this software.

Salia Insurance Broker Software – 

Salia insurance broker software from the cloud is the convenient and easy way that you can manage all your business as an insurance broker online. You take care of your customer, and the service provider takes care of your EDP and IT infrastructure. In times of Amazon and Co., many people use Mr. Money or other portals to compare Assekuranz.  But does it serve the same purpose as consulting an insurance broker? The straight answer is: no. But to be convincing, a broker must be able to act quickly and efficiently. As an insurance broker, do not use the software solution from any XY Software GmbH. Use the best software on the market and have instant direct access to the conditions of your insurance companies wherever you are. Many people choose to access this software using windows version. 

About Salia Software – 

The broker management program Salia from SQL Project AG offers you the perfect software with easy access to this data. Salia, the management software for  Assekuranz brokers, financial service providers and agencies, has been around since long time back. Regardless of whether in the office or at the customer’s site, with Salia and cloud solution provider, contracts can be viewed immediately. You can record damage on site or update personal customer data including that of contract. This program is not just a CRM system for customer management, but also professional all-in-one insurance broker software that saves you a lot of time in your daily work. You can use this software in Windows. In the web portal of BiPRO you will get all the info, so check portal. Switch to BiPRO Connect to know more.

Salia Software Benefits – 

The insurance broker software Salia has a clear interface. For customer management you will find all the data listed in individual tabs. There are tabs for address and contact details, for contracts and applications, for offers, damage, dangers and many more. Agents can be linked through CRM.  All important documents can be conveniently stored. All events are safely saved in the history overview. For details on BiPRO check the BiPRO web portal. Your customers can also download these documents themselves via the customer portal or view your stored information. As an Assekuranz or insurance broker, you manage what your clients can and cannot see. Salia can be easily integrated into your IT environment using numerous interfaces. The software complies with all BIPRO standards and so programs that have a BIPRO interface can easily read and save data. You can also use the CRM software system in it.

On Using Interface – 

Many companies in the Assekuranz  industry use this interface, making the collaboration between these companies and brokers or financial advisors even more efficient and convenient. A GDV interface is also available. Documents in Outlook, CSV, Excel and Word formats can also be easily imported. So you have the possibility to call up customer data and documents everywhere. Your customers can even download this data. You can save all the contracts and other documents safely. You can show the contracts easily to customers and send the contract or share it through mail or message.  If you enter a name in the “Search” function, all customers will be listed with a slightly different spelling. You can search for a contract, project or a specific insurer. You can use the numerous filter functions to narrow down your search so that you can spot supply gaps in the customer data without any problems. You can view your appointments and tasks on another tab, through BiPRO connect

Individual Tasks and Appointments – 

With the insurance broker software Salia there is the possibility to automatically generate individual tasks and appointments. The customer administration runs smoothly and you do not forget anything. The software can be operated intuitively. To get started for the first time, SQL Project AG offers insurance brokers training courses online and in-house. Apart from that, you can also look for other software that is available like that of document management software, and CRM software, which is also very useful. Through, the CRM software, you can connect with agents, distribution management partners and others on one single platform i.e. unified portal. So, there are several benefits of the insurance broker software like that of Salia. Salia as a cloud edition, no installation necessary! Automatic updates License available worldwide for one simultaneous user also works under Mac OS, iOS and Android and data protection available immediately, including Windows, SOL  Microsoft Outlook including Microsoft Word, SQL Excel, PowerPoint including email address (+ spam protection) including anti-virus protection. For more info you can check the web portal. The software complies with all BIPRO standards and so programs that have a BIPRO interface can easily read and save data.

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