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The SEO strategy for Ecommerce

No one will argue to us that having a physical store well positioned on a busy shopping street is a good investment. Having a good marketing strategy, good customer service, and a good product, success is guaranteed. However, this idea is difficult to transfer to the online world.

Users access the Internet at all times to search for products or services, visiting online stores, and viewing pages of categories and products. Search engines are the most popular online shopping area in the digital world, and our online commerce must be well-positioned in the top positions of Google, to receive our dear customers eager to acquire our products and to achieve it, it is necessary to carry out a good strategy SEO anking (อันดับ seo which is the term in Thai) for eCommerce or online stores.

Study of Keywords

Conducting a good keyword study is essential in any SEO search engine optimization strategy. A comprehensive keyword Research study should be conducted to detect all keywords that generate traffic to the online store.

Resort to Long Tail keywords

One of the most common mistakes when wanting to position an online trade is to infatuate ourselves by positioning very generic and competitive keywords. We must start earning long-tail keywords, that is, keywords that contain more than 4 words where users express what they are looking for in a detailed way.

Analyze the competition

We must identify our online competition, see what are the keywords they have positioned, the level of competition in search engines, estimate what is their volume of web traffic and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your online business to make a better digital strategy.

Optimize meta title and description

The meta title is the title that appears in blue in the search engines, and the meta description is the small summary that appears below in gray.

Content optimized for your categories.

One of the most frequent mistakes is to create a category page where only a list of all products is shown, without any additional information about them.

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