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What Features that a Web Hosting Package Include?

The concept of web hosting is now widespread in India, which means that there are a large number of hosting providers and packages to choose from. To assist you in choosing the web hosting package for your website, we have created a list of all the web hosting key features.

These web hosting features will allow you to put your website live on the internet, without the need to leave your computer switched on. They also come with a range of basic information which will help you to create your perfect website.

Various terms from hosting providers are shown below and to see more details and a description of all the features of website hosting plans  you can visit the official website of HostingRaja who is a leading web hosting services provider in India. The summaries here will help you to understand the detail about the basic terms of the cheapest hosting packages currently available at a glance.

Features of a typical web hosting package include:

Web space

This is the amount of data you will be allowed to host on your website, this hosting allowance will be consumed by basic HTML files, databases, and images.


This is the amount of traffic that is allowed to access your website. Every time someone views a page on your website they download the data, which then uses up your bandwidth. If you expect a large number of visitors it is important to ensure you have a sufficient limit to avoid either lost visitors or additional charges.


This is the number of e-mail addresses you will be allowed to use. You may have several people in your organization that needs e-mail addresses; alternatively, you may want different addresses for different reasons.


You sometimes get a free domain name with your hosting package; therefore the number of domains you get can be a positive factor of a particular package as it will prevent you from having to pay for this separately.

These web hosting features will enable you to have your website online at all times with only a small monthly cost. These several additional features will help you to produce and design your website, whether it is for personal or business use.

Hosting features include design templates that give you a website layout for you to use, all you need to do is add the data and links and you have a fully functioning website. You can also get statistics showing visitor information and vouchers for Google Ad words from some hosting providers.

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