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Medical Transcription: The Dead Moose up for grabs

Okay, today I am likely to ask that you simply stick to me about this discussion since it is one I believe we have to start getting and something which i think we have type of prevented within our niche for some time. So grab your coffee, breathe deeply, stay towards the finish, after which I wish to hear your ideas.

First without a doubt a tale. In the past after i was around the (then) AAMT Board of Company directors, our Chief executive officer told us a tale by what we came to consult because the “dead moose up for grabs.” It went (paraphrased) such as this: There is a big dead moose up for grabs. Everybody knows it’s there. Yet, nobody discusses it. And also the longer nobody discusses it, the greater it stinks. Yet we continue to disregard it, wishing that both moose and also the stench goes away. Today we may even escape the Fabreze and then try to eliminate it like this. However in the finish, there is a dead moose, immediately in the center of the table, and unless of course somebody finally speaks up, the stink will simply worsen. In my opinion there exists a moose up for grabs.

Let us take a look at some of what have happened during the last couple of days within our industry. First, we had the announcement of purchasing WebMedx, a clinical transcription company, by Nuance, a technology vendor who’s very mixed up in Electronic health record world. The following factor I observed was that Medquist, a transcription company, purchased M-Modal, a technology vendor. Which was adopted through the announcement that Transcend, another transcription company, purchased Salar, an Electronic health record company. Together with which i saw a few other activities. Within the Medquist pr release, the brand new Chief executive officer spoke of rebranding the organization and assisting their customers using the proceed to the Electronic health record. Inside a web seminar backed by HIMSS, an agent of Nuance spoke of the plans to utilize the IBM Watson technology as well as described the “vision” of methods documentation would be carried out by running it with an SRT engine, using natural language processing, which may also attach data tags so the structured data might be immediately put in the Electronic health record. And, no, transcription wasn’t pointed out for the reason that talk whatsoever.

Now let us take a look at what is happening to folks within our world. Previously two days, I’ve heard more tales than I’m able to even count about good, seasoned, well experienced MTs being let go using their jobs. Why? Technology means companies can perform more with less. You will find, sometimes it is also because the organization is outsourcing much more of its work. I hear the tales from MTs who’re small company proprietors of the workload being 1 / 2 of what it really was last year due to the electronic health record. Schools are challenged with how you can best prepare their students for sustainable future employment. How can you educate everything we educate now but still educate the brand new technologies which are emerging? Students in programs and who’re new professionals within our industry are asking exactly what the future appears like for them also.

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