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NetbaseQuid: Social Media Monitoring [Tools and Benefits] In 2020

Social media monitoring is the process of monitoring social platforms to know what customers are talking about your products or services. It helps you gather relevant information to help track your brand mentions, mention of your competitors, related hashtags, and general industry trends. Some of the reasons many businesses monitor their social presence include measuring their social reach, connecting with customers and understand industry trends. The simpler way of obtaining these social metrics is by using social media monitoring tools.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social monitoring tools offer you an alternative, easy way to listen to what your customers are saying. Instead of you searching through each social platform to find information, these tools do the work for you in a real-time and cost-effective way. There are a thousand and one monitoring tools out there; some are designed to enable you to monitor multiple profiles/platforms, pick relevant conversations, and track social media keywords and trends. Some of the social monitoring tools include the following:

o Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the social monitoring tools that allow you to track unlimited streams of social conversations, including selected keywords, your brand mentions, locations, specific users, or hashtags. What is more exciting about Hootsuite is that it integrates with other apps to help you navigate through its dashboard easily. You can as well share your streams with your team to ensure everybody has the same information and assign responses to appropriate members. You can use Hootsuite on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, online forums, Instagram and more.

o Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a tool that offers you a dashboard where you can monitor social conversations, schedules and publishes posts, and evaluate your social media performance. The dashboard allows you to monitor social activities regarding your brand and provides real-time updates. Most marketers use Zoho social dashboard to track events and is supported by Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

o Sprout Social

Sprout social media monitoring tool provides two special features that assist in monitoring and engaging social activities. The first, which is the discovery feature, allows you to search certain keywords on Instagram or Twitter, and the second feature, Small Inbox, sets up all your social media messages and mentions on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and more.

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

Improve customer experience – Social monitoring enables you to learn what customers are saying to help provide real-time responses that can help improve customer experience. It also allows customers to communicate directly to your brand, which satisfies their need to be heard.

Protect brand health – As your brand grows, there are high chances negative ramous will start circulating online at some point. Monitoring social platforms allows you to track bad press and put off the fire before it escalates to an unmanageable problem.

Spy on your competitors – Every business aims to stay ahead of the competition. Once you master the art of using various social media monitoring tools to improve your business, you can start checking on the progress of your competitors. By so doing, you can learn how your competitors interact with their customers and see what their followers like or complain about their products or services.

The quick way to get the best out of a social monitoring process is by hiring experienced, professionals like NetbaseQuid, who have mastered the game, to help navigate through the daunting process as they keep your brand interests at the top.

About NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is the industry leader in social analytics dedicated to driving your business with the market and consumer intelligence. NetbaseQuid provides real-time, fast, deep, and accurate consumer insights and social media audit information you need to expand your reach and track customer conversations across different social media platforms. These insights can also enhance your marketing campaign to help achieve your goals.

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