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Why Are Linux Reseller Plans The Preferred Choice for Hosting Resellers?

In recent years, the demand for quality hosting services has surged as businesses try to establish an online presence. Apart from hosting companies, Reseller Hosting providers are in high demand since they offer customized plans and personalized services. As a Web Hosting Reseller, you purchase hosting resources from an established web hosting company, create your own hosting packages, and sell them to your clients. The Reseller Hosting account can be purchased based on Windows or Linux operating systems. Both these operating systems offer certain advantages and disadvantages to resellers.

Today, we will focus on Linux Reseller Web Hosting plans and look at reasons that make them the preferred choice for Hosting Resellers.

While most hosting companies offer both Windows and Linux-based Reseller Hosting plans, Linux is more popular among Hosting Resellers for a range of reasons as detailed below.

Factors that make Linux Reseller Plans ideal for Hosting Resellers

1. Affordability

Linux is free since it is open-source. Also, the developer community for Linux is huge and there are hundreds of free applications designed for Linux. Hence, the cost of the hosting plan is much lower than a Windows-based plan. This allows Hosting Resellers to create packages at competitive prices.

2. Reliability and Security

Both Windows and Linux are highly reliable and secure. Linux has a slight edge over Windows since the global developer community works tirelessly to ensure that the OS is more secure and reliable. This community also ensures that any loopholes and bugs are tackled immediately.

3. Control over the hosting environment

Linux is well-known for offering advanced control options and a range of applications to create a hosting environment that is well-suited to your needs. Linux-based plans also come bundled with cPanel for easy site management. The best Reseller Hosting providers use cPanel to have complete control over the hosting business.

4. Compatibility

Every website is unique and can use a range of applications and software to create the desired site experience. To be the best Hosting Reseller, you need to be able to provide support for a wide range of applications. Linux is designed to be compatible with several applications that can help site owners create the experience they desire.

Linux also allows users to run multiple applications without any lag and provides support for Ruby, Python, PHP, and other programming languages. You also get secure FTP access, Telnet, and other advanced options.

Choosing the right platform depends on a range of factors. Ensure that you consider all aspects before deciding.

You can also check out the following video to understand 5 winning benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting:

Summing Up

When you are launching a Reseller Hosting business, the operating system can play a big part in defining the kind of hosting services your business can offer. While Linux and Windows have some limitations too, it is important to know what your target market needs before buying the reseller plan. Keep in mind that the features offered by the plan must allow your target clients to offer optimally performing websites. Make sure that you research the market and compare plans before signing the dotted line.

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