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11 Tips How To Repurpose Your Content for Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Content is everything when it comes to internet marketing northern Virginia. However, new, tactical, trendy and informative content consumes time, money, and a lot of research. The good news is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel just to produce good content for your websites. There is a lot of treasure in what you already have.

Rehash your blog posts

There must be one (of five) blog posts that just do not seem to attract as much attention as it should for your website. The good news is you do not have to completely delete it. You can, however, dress it up a little. Rethink about the focus of your blog. Is the format wrong? Is your wording too lengthy and boring? Rehash it and recreate new content from the material you already have.

Make slides from old content

Not everyone can sift through 500-1000 words of information. Some are just more attracted to white space, graphics, and a better, simpler breakdown of information. Look into your ebooks, articles, and blogs. You might find gems for your Internet marketing northern Virginia. Turn these into snappier, more attractive and graphic-laden slide shows which you can then share at slide show banks. These slideshows are also good hooks for your website. Always include a link to the page you want to be optimized.

Transform blog posts into pdf

Sometimes, people want information but they just do not have the time to read your blog right away. Turn this into the perfect email marketing opportunity. Provide a .pdf version of your blog post and offer to have it emailed to your reader’s address. Of course, practice utmost tact for these sign-in options. While it is easy to get email addresses, it is also easy to get blocked if you are too spammy.

Make podcasts from other materials

If you feel like nobody is really reading your ebooks, or if there is a blog which can be expanded into a more informative discussion, consider using the research material for a podcast. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to an hour’s worth of podcast, but not read a 500-word article.

Make infographics from old content

People are always in a hurry, but they do appreciate good graphics that offer education on a clear, understandable layout. If you feel like your text-heavy article is not getting enough attention, use the same information and reformat it into an infographic.

Turn podcasts into blogs

In the same manner, not all of your audience has the time to listen in. Do not be afraid to reuse the same materials you have used for a podcast to write a blog or a blog series. Your audiences have differing preferences. The key is to offer your information on different platforms.

Reformat an idle blog

Sometimes, you don’t even have to do a complete crossover. Try using a different style or layout for an old blog entry. Use bullet forms instead of subtitles, or turn it into a list. Rephrase lengthy sentences and give your blogs a lift. Just a few tweaks here and there and your blog might just help you attract more audiences.

Update information on old blog posts

Was your blog entry a hit three years ago but it isn’t anymore because it was written three years ago? Repurpose the information in the blog. Make it up-to-date by changing the figures and giving it a more trendy introduction.

Make quizzes

Make quizzes from blog entries, podcasts, or ebooks. Quizzes are very hot right now in social media. If you have a blog about how to survive a viral outbreak, for example, turn it into a quiz: “Will you survive a viral outbreak?” The only new material you will need there is a writeup of the results. Don’t forget to add a link to the original material, just in case your quiz takers would like to be more informed.

Consider using syndicates

Syndicate blog sites can also be good platforms to promote your website. Choose a blog that you think people would be most interested in. Provide a link back to your website. As this is a repost of your original blog entry, though, there is a risk that the reposted blog entry would get more hits than your original.

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