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6 Travel-Friendly Mobile Games to Play without Internet

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Do you travel a lot? Nowadays, UAE residents are witnessing huge tourism flow due to the Dubai Expo 2020. This is a welcoming event in the mid of covid-19 pandemic. However, this event would bring prosperity and business for the locals as well as foreigners in UAE. Coupon.ae asks the tourists to find the best phones for work and entertainment. It offers Cartlow promo code on phones that don’t require internet for mobile gaming. Traveling is a hectic experience even if you are in business class. Therefore, it is necessary to find some entertainment activities to unload the fatigue. Here are best mobile video games that will work without internet.

Monument Valley 2:

Everyone remembers the fantasy of Monument Valley mobile game. It offered the best graphics with storyline to improve the gaming experience. Thanks to the Escher-Inspired world, the Monument Valley 2 is going to make your travel more comfortable and entertaining. Play this mobile game anywhere even if your phone is on Airplane Mode.

The Room: Old Sins

Introduced in 2012, the The Room: Old Sins became one of the most attractive mobile games. It is a classic because of the modern gaming features. Players can set gaming modes, levels and difficulty details. Enjoy the mysterious storyline while checking the great puzzles. Redeem the Cartlow promo code if you need an android phone for the travel. Get the budget deals using the promo codes and select the top phones for gaming and travel.


This was a board game for 2 to 5 players. Thanks to the latest android technologies, this game is also available for the phone users. It offers the great storyline as well as graphics. There will be green meadows, big cities and roads in this game. This is a great phone game to play while it is raining outside.

Really Bad Chess:

Chess is a popular game. Most people love playing this game because of the brain use. Playing this mobile game during flight or train would be a great experience. It will not let you feel the hectic of traveling. Check the latest versions whenever you download this game from the Play Store. Understand the game rules and modes. You can play this game against Human or Computer.

Mini Metro:

Are you in subway business? People who take serious interest in this system should download this game. This mobile phone game is one of the best choices to improve your subway system skills. The Mini Metro is one of the most attractive games that work without internet. Install it right now to enjoy the subway tracks, tunnels, lines, carriages, trains and stations.

RollerCoaster Tycoon:

This is a classic game introduced nearly two decades ago. Do you have Cartlow promo code? Purchase the travel-friendly mobile phones with large display and modern graphics. This game would work best with such phones. As it doesn’t need internet connection, the players can enjoy the game anywhere. Discover the previous versions but prefer the latest one which combines the past series.

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